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Team Formation

Want to be a Diamond?


Diamonds Teams

Bombers teams consist of players that desire competitive play and the opportunity for advancement. Coaching at this level is focused on developing next-level skills and an understanding of the game. Individual coaches at this level remain with their teams as they compete primarily in local and regional tournaments.

Bombers Gold Teams

Bombers gold teams are the most competitive teams in our organization and consist of players that have the ability and aspirations to play in college. They are coached cooperatively through an established developmental plan to ensure the needed continuity and attention to detail that will allow them to reach their maximum potential. Teams at the Gold level are competitive at the regional and national levels.


The Bombers will hold their team formation events in July of each year.   We will announce coaching staffs and the planned levels of play for each team prior to tryouts.

If you want to be kept up to date on our tryout process please complete one of the Prospect forms on the prospect tab.